Stratégie d'options binaires de Fibonacci ATTACK

Utiliser Fibonacci de manière unique pour nous donner une opportunité continue sur le marché des options binaires

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Si vous cherchez une stratégie pour que nous vous donnons une opportunité à peu près tout le temps, vous voulez apprendre Fibonacci ATTACK!

Not sure you seen different do not she strategies and concepts out there. Ultimately we have to fine-tune our use of Fibonacci for a higher probability entry and expiration in the money with binary options. So the question is how can we gain an edge combining binary options with Fibonacci numbers?


The Great thing in binary options is that we only need to win by a fraction of a pip. So we will look to use the irresistible support resistance that a certain type of Fibonacci will give us.

Performance sample run as a system on EURUSD. These results are expandable and that you can add on more setups in trade for a longer period of time. This is a very flexible binary options system, strategy that can be traded really at any time.

Also the trading setups and entries can be well anticipated so you don’t have to necessarily stare at the computer screen every single second. Yes the pacing here is a bit more laid-back which I know some of you out there will appreciate.

  • This is a home study video course. It’s not an indicator. It’s not software.
  • Apprenez une compétence à vie pour votre trading binaire
  • Vous serez en mesure d'accéder au cours dans une zone réservée aux membres.

Exemple de performance

  1. WWWWWWW XCHARX 5 min expirations. Jan 23 2015
  2. WWLWWW - jan 26
  3. WWWWW
  5. WWWWW comme 29
  6. LWLWW

33 Wins 3 Losses for a 91.7% winning percentage. Dang! That even surprised me! We are going to have to charge more for thisXCHARX

As you can see this is a very high probability precise set up. Is the trading setup and overall system doable for you? I would say so. Actually, it’s very doable and actually kind of fun especially compared to some other systems that aren’t so fun.

Could you get this 91.7% winning percentage? Maybe, I donXCHARXt see why not, although we canXCHARXt XCHARXguarantee youXCHARX performance and you should know how that goes by now. Who knows you may find an extra tweaks for a more optimized event that brings your winning percentage even higher as you learn and observe overtime.

But the bottom line that this is a very powerful method of trading in trading binary options. You should definitely have this one to your arsenal.

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