1. Zijn al uw systemen anders? Yes. And they are different between our other sites too. We’ve made so many systems we had to make more sites to contain them. So if you have a need for an ideal way of trading you’re looking for, contact us. We probably have it.
  2. Why of your system so expensive? Well youXCHARXve got to ask yourself what youXCHARXre buying when you buy something cheap or sign up for some 95% winner for free just to sucker you into some random binary broker account. WeXCHARXve been in this game, the markets along time. Have you ever bought a franchise? Do you know how much a common franchise makes, a franchise that usually comes with a new 24/7 worry? YouXCHARXd make more being an elementary school teacher. But you have to put up what to buy that franchise? Hundreds of thousands of dollars, to start, some require millions. Here you have an opportunity to have fun for a couple hours a day with no obligatoin, with the ability to make, as you graduate up, in a few days what most franchises make (if they donXCHARXt go bankrupt) in a year. But also youXCHARXve got 30 years of experience into these systems. The systems are super solid and give you real potential to have a skill that you could potentially parlay into millions for life. Plus if a system is not working out for you after following our training and help we have plenty of other powerful systems we replace your purchase with, in line to the price range of your purchase of course.
  3. Kun je me garanderen dat ik geld ga verdienen?
    1. Funny. Can anyone guarantee you that you can make money in anything in life? If you want guarantees you’re in the wrong business because that mindset that you on the wrong side of the marketplace and hurts your trading. You can read all about it in various trading psychology books. In order to win in trading you need to take “High probability bets” that have shown to be consistent over time and there AVERAGE winning percentage.
      1. Successful trading is based of best chance probability for future actions based on historical actions. On top of that you need to AVERAGE out a NET profit over time. One day wonders aren’t going to do you any good unless you can average a profit out over time.
    2. On the other hand you may have “bizopitis” or “holy grail chasingitis”. That’s a perpetual losing loop that you need to break. That’s where you are actually pursuing the excitement of the process of getting to winning versus actually winning. Because when he does take some dirty work, elbow grease. Just by asking that question: you’re in the wrong mindset. If you don’t want to give up this pursuit of the never ending chase and they’re not willing to do what it takes to win then you may want to head over to clickbank or clicksure and find a robot designed out of the USA who can use illegal language (lying) guaranteeing you future trading profits. But if you want a real binary options system and want to learn how to trade in a real, professional way, stay here.
    3. We will help you succeed if you contact us! We can help you find the best fit trading system. And if youXCHARXre having struggles we can help you get those struggles figured out. How can we do this? WeXCHARXve been in this trading business for 30 years!! ThatXCHARXs all LONG time. Use our XCHARXancientXCHARX wisdom and experience, take advantage of it to add to yours.
    4. Our interest is for you to make money. We really don’t want students who won’t win. Why? Because those types make us look bad. We want students who will make us look good, since we have awesome stuff. So we will help you tweak a system or its toll he not working out for you after you’ve done what we’ve instructed you to do we can even replace the system or get you into a totally new type of trading such as swing training or trend trading in vanille opties, Forex, futures or voorraden. We have a TON of other systems in other markets.
  4. Ik ben geïnteresseerd in uw systemen, maar ik ben bezorgd over een systeem dat niet presteert zoals het zou moeten. Als dat het geval is, kan ik dan een restitutie krijgen of kan ik een proefperiode krijgen voordat ik heb betaald?
    1. We understand your concerns. Our systems should perform over time as represented unless that instrument totally changes character because our systems are built that way. Then again “past performance isn’t necessarily indicative of future results” and you should know that by now. The question is: will you perform our systems? It’s not possible to offer refunds with real trading systems since we give you the secret formulas, the secret sauce recipes – that is what we sell so you can “fish for life”. Once you have the info, you can’t give info back. Plus there has been a lot of nasty abuse in this industry with stealing product (particularly in Forex). But we can help you with a solution making sure that you have a way of training that can work for you – with a tweet or a replacement, granite after you have learned the system and have done what we have instructed you to do in the course and through our support. Our goal for you is to get you actually making money to the point that you’re a success story on our success story wall.
    2. Most people who have had any problems never took the time to learn the system correctly and practice it. We can help you understand the system. But You would have to learn and make a success habit of doing it right. Now if it came to a point where you did everything right and it’s just not working for you do to various factors we are willing to exchange it for another system – we have MANY systems and can find something that will fit the trading lifestyle you would like. That possibility is there once you’ve showed us that you first know how to trade the first system you purchased by sending us screenshot with annotation (use something like snagit). We have even customized solutions for customers helping them get to where they need to be. So don’t worry.
  5. What exactly am I buying? Is it software? No. Is it a robot? No. Will you ship the course to me? No. Can I download it?
    1. You can access the course through your members area. It’s a video course. Sometimes there are PDFs if necessary. You may send us feedback and questions on the product, or request clarity on any topic, or even request us to address issues you may think we have missed and we’ll be glad to add a clarity video to the product for your present and future reference.
  6. Na het kopen van een systeem zijn er extra vereisten nodig om het systeem aan het werk te krijgen?
    1. We teach you the secret sauce recipe in regards to how to trade binary option system or binary option strategy of ours. In art tray the system you’ll need real-time price charts and a broker. Real-time price charts: freestockcharts.com and you can download MetaTrader5. Your broker may have free price charts but youXCHARXll need Quality price charts that you can read well in real-time
    2. If you start to make a lot of money, which should and better come it is wise to withdraw profits on a periodic basis in particular with the “house model” brokers you find usually located in Cyprus. Don’t build up a big massive account those brokers.
    3. Gebruik onze maatbepalingssystemen voor het beheer van uw geld, zoals wij u leren.
  7. Beveel je ook een binaire optiesmakelaar aan? Of zou iets werken?
    1. Well we can’t technically “recommend” hey brother to you but there are brokers that we have listed that are popular amongst traders. Kijk hier NADEX is certainly good to learn as well.
    2. Tenzij onze systemen zijn geïndiceerd voor NADEX, moeten ze kunnen worden gebruikt op elke binaire opties-broker die er zijn.
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