BU-NADEX-SLEDGEHAMMER-binário-opções-estratégia-logotipo NADEX SLEDGEHAMMER Aggressive Binary Options Strategy for Home Run Trading…

What if you had a way to XCHARXsniper targetXCHARX 350% Returns Repetidamente e De propósito Usando a opção binária "new style" NADEX?

No itXCHARXs not a pipe dream. ItXCHARXs simply trading shrewd, price action trading in combination with a NADEX 2 hour binary. As you learn NADEX more youXCHARXll see that this is very possible.

E o grande é com o NADEX, você sabe exatamente o quanto você está arriscando por troca antes de entrar, porque eles o calculam bem para você.

Before you start thinking about your binary broker understand NADEX is MUCH different. NADEX binaries are a combination between vanilla options, credit spreads and binary options. You can trade a NADEX binary in and out, meaning you can exit like a vanilla. This can offer those who are smart, a very large advantage.

You even have the potential to obtain up to 1,000% Return on a Single Intraday Move and do so Repeatedly! No IXCHARXm not exaggerating nor is that some far stretch. Buy an option at 10, ride a bigger sized intraday move, then expire in the money for 100 as your profit. Do you see how that works?

And it does NOT take a huge move to score this type of return in case you are wondering. You can see below: Actually go look at a price gráfico para NASDAQ (click to see). On most days a 20 point move is CAKE!

NADEX is pretty fascinating when you get to know it. And in order to get to know NADEX, get to know our Curso NADEX 101 Isso mostra as possibilidades estratégicas de ganhar dinheiro com os diferentes binários NADEX tipo.

Veja como o NADEX X3 SLEDGEHAMMER funciona:

  • Este é um exemplo comercial de um dia
  • In the NQ Points row those are the NQ Points the system captures. NQ is the NASDAQ or XCHARXUS Tech 100XCHARX futures on NADEX
  • 20 NQ Points can turn 15 into 90 which is a 600% binary options return on 2 hour binaries XCHARX rate of return depends on deltas which depends on time left to expiration. So this rate of return will vary but not by much.
  • Então traduzimos os pontos capturados em percentagem de retorno
  • Então, mostramos se você negociou o contrato 1 NADEX (sim, NADEX é como uma mistura de vanillas e binários e usa contratos - é muito bom como funciona) ou contratos 10 ou contratos 100 abaixo desse
  • Your goal is to build up to 100 contract trading with SLEDGHAMMER which I believe you CAN do. If you can average $33,000 a trading day off of a max risk of $2000 per trade then youXCHARXve got cash flow that can make things happen!
11-setembro NQ pontos 5 20 20 20 20 20 -15
In Percentage return -25% 350% 350% 350% 350% 350% -75%
Em um contrato (Risk $ 20) ($ 5.00) $ 70.00 $ 70.00 $ 70.00 $ 70.00 $ 70.00 ($ 15.00) $ 330.00
Nos contratos 10 (Risco $ 200) ($ 50.00) $ 700.00 $ 700.00 $ 700.00 $ 700.00 $ 700.00 ($ 150.00) $ 3,300.00
Nos contratos 100 (Risco $ 2000) ($ 500.00) $ 7,000.00 $ 7,000.00 $ 7,000.00 $ 7,000.00 $ 7,000.00 ($ 1,500.00) $ 33,000.00

Então, você entende esse histórico?

This is trading OTM NADEX Binary options. We are looking to ride momentum with low risk to very high reward ratios.

The dollar risk shown there is total risk per that contract size as represented. NADEX will tell you the exact dollar risk per trade when you pop up the order window and pick your contract size. It’s pretty nice.

If you are buying/selling a NADEX OTM option then if the underlying instrumentXCHARXs price goes in your favor then you could make up to 100/20 = 5 or 500% return if you expire in the money. What we do with this strategy is that as soon as we get our fair profit target, we take the money and run! We can exit early. We can also stop out and get out of a position that doesnXCHARXt immediately go in our favor.

But think this way: where else do you have the potential to roll 20 bucks into $330 and do so on a daily average? Think about that. Once you get it youXCHARXll start to see why NADEX SLEDGEHAMMER is so powerful and why we donXCHARXt call this SLEDGEHAMMER for nothing!

In order to get started click the add to cart button below. You’ll be glad you did. We’ll make sure you will. Also, send us your questions too any time!


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