ULTRA Binary Options 106 Fibonacci BLADE

Use Fibonacci Fans in a Unique Way for Precision to Profit Giving You a Significant Edge for Making Money in Your Binary Options Trading

Fibonacci fans indicator is a drawing tool that comes with Metatrader4 and 5 demo accounts or real accounts.  So you can access this tool for free for your binary options trading and use it for free. Just don’t download an MT4 or MT5 Application to access the Fibonacci fan drawing tool.

In this course I’m going to teach you an actual binary option strategy and a binary option system using these Fibonacci fans!  The discovery we made has been mind blowing.

  • This is a home study course to which you will have access online that teachers you the secret formula
  • Learn a binary options strategy!
  • Learn a binary options system!
  • Have continuous opportunity in your binary options trading
  • And potentially DOMINATE as you see below if that’s something you like to do in your trading…
  • Or just trade for even a very short time period a day, say, 30 minutes a day and be done.
  • Or just use Fibonacci BLADE to come in and out of the markets whenever you want!  It’s that flexible.   Why? Because it’s based on a cornerstone of the laws of price action nature!

Imagine Having an Opportunity to Trade Binary Options with a Potential for High Accuracy Whenever You Want!

fibonacci-blade-binary-option-system-ecovThat’s what it’s all about! The concept is similar to a”money on-demand concept” considering and assuming that we will have this good accuracy. When incorporating the Fibonacci fan with our special entry mechanisms and opportunity identifiers we put ourselves in a very high probability scenario when we enter a trade.

This could very well become one your favorite binary option strategies.  Plus you can run it as a system which means you you just simply take every trade set up as it comes along without having to think about it. That’s really nice when you get used to it.


Checkout one days, actually part of one days performance:  your time in the market will vary according to the duration of Price bars you trade.  You really can enter the market at any time there is Price movement.

EXAMPLES Oct 29 Live example:

Random Session 1






Random Session II in the same day:





21 W 2 L  Hey not bad Ehh!   Yikes! We’ve made another beast of a system!




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